Important Documents when Selling a Home

June 3, 2021

There is important information that is required before you put a home on the market.

Do you have a current Real Property Report with Municipal Compliance? A real property report is a survey of the property. It shows the lot boundries and structures on the property. It is an important document that the Buyer will require to show that the property complies with the City of Calgary regulations.

If your property is a Condominum you will need to gather current condominium documents (e.g. Bylaws, Financials, AGM Minutes, Budget). A typical Buyer’s condition is their satisfaction to the review of Condominium Documents.

It is important to know your finances before you list a property for sale. We will review the expenses so you can make an informed decision. You will need to obtain a current Mortgage Statement. It is important to know your finances and if you will have a payout penalty.

The Title will tell us the story of your Property. It not only states the registered Owner’s but also if there are any registrations or “red flags” that need to be addressed before listing a home for sale.

There is a process we follow when listing a property for sale.

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